The act of creating, in a frantic, chaotic bliss is something that I have learned to thrive in.  I chose to illustrate my creative process though the aesthetic metaphor of a board game installation.  The work I created accomplishes a series of goals, the most important being to create a body of work that showcases a portfolio of various printmaking processes I’ve learned while continuing to be a dynamic and cohesive show. I chose to simplify the design of my journey to several colors and shapes, while including a series of symbols that appear throughout the installation:
The lightning = inspiration
The scissors have a dual meaning of being cut off, but also set free 
The clown heads represent the constantly watching peanut gallery of people that you conveniently seem to become aware of during some of life’s most difficult times.

 I work intuitively, which made it important for me to give myself guidelines, while allowing the work to grow as it was being made.  This was a very difficult task when working on a large scale installation. I do not see this body of work coming into completion anytime soon, as I am currently looking for new venues to install the work and allow it to continually evolve.